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The Norfolk Towne Assembly seeks to promote a greater public understanding and appreciation of American life in the Early America period (1785-1830) with a focus on the various aspects of civilian life such as music, dance, art, literature, and social culture.  We do this through Living History, Period Dance Performance, and talks on historical subjects of interest.

This was the period of the formation of the United States government, and the forging of an American identity.   It was the period of the quasi-war with France, the War of 1812 with England, conflict with Spain over Florida and the gulf coast, a time of Federalists and Jeffersonian Democratic-Republicans, of the Era of Good Feelings and of westward expansion.  It was an age of both elegance and the pioneer spirit.


We, as enthusiasts of this era, attempt to recapture that age by providing like-minded groups and individuals an opportunity to socialize with others of similar interests and share their knowledge with each other and try to pass on that same interest and knowledge to others through our events and activities.


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