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Do you:

  • Love the period from the American Revolution through the Early Republic (1773 - 1830)?

  • Like reading about life in America during the Revolutionary War or the early days of the new American republic?

  • Want to help preserve and pass on the knowledge of this period to other folks?


Have you:

  • Visited historic sites and wondered what it would be like to have lived back then?  To have cooked over an open fire.  Defended your honor or that of your lady in a duel.

  • Read novels set in the past such as Drums Along the Mohawk, Undaunted Courage, Pride and Prejudice or other historical romances, and wished you could dance at a Grand Ball, hunt with a flintlock, or fish early 19th Century style?

  • Been part of a reenactment unit in the past but tired of the singular focus on “military” life?



OK, I think I want to join the Norfolk Towne Assembly (NTA).  What do I do now?

  1. If you haven't already done so, familiarize yourself with the information about the NTA contained on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

  2. Think about which aspects of the NTA's programs you want to be involved with.

  3. If you are interested in our living history program, look at our Civilian Living History Occupations page for ideas on some possible impressions.

  4. Consider if you have any skills or interests that might translate to the period we portray (theatre, sports, music, art, woodworking, metalworking, etc.)

  5. Think about any other ideas for an impression you have that you might want to talk with us about.

  6. If you are interested in becoming a part of our Historic Dance Demonstration Group, think about if you are willing to invest the time in learning period dance as well as what is involved in costuming for this.  For more information on costuming for a Ball see these documents for Gentlemen and for Ladies

  7. If you are interested in joining the Norfolk Towne Assembly, and want to talk further, fill out our Information Request form, providing your Name and email address and choose membership information request in the dropdown.

    In the Message area, let us know what questions you have or, if you want to speak directly with us about membership, provide your phone number and the best time of day (weeknight evenings, weekends, etc.) keeping in mind that we are a volunteer organization and most of us work during the week.

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